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Get in touch for a free week to come in and make new friends.

You're invited to call Fabrik your third place for one week. Join us IRL to:

  • Meet interesting people and make new friends.

  • Enjoy a thoughtfully designed space to create connection and embrace engagement.

  • Have a space to be inspired and belong.

  • Attend Fabrik-hosted and member-hosted gatherings.

  • Connect here. Create here. Work here.

What Our Members Say


“Fabrik created a third space for me to do that…I’ve done remote work, I’ve tried to balance building community in the past with full time employment. But Fabrik ended up being the space where I could come up, cultivate and develop ideas and turn them into reality.”

Faisa, Somalis in Tech


“Fabrik’s mission to empower community leaders with safe places to connect and fight against loneliness has allowed our community to host meaningful gatherings with our members in London and NYC.”

Francisco, Led by Community


“I chose Fabrik because I was seeking a third space that wasn’t just coworking but a place I could meet new people AND bring my existing community. I’m so honored and excited be part of the community!”

Jori Bell, Coaching Corner


“Fabrik has been an incredible place for me. From hosting an event there to getting stuff done during the day, Fabrik and Fabrik’s team have delivered above and beyond for me. I highly recommend it!”

David Nebinski, Community Builders & Creators Conference (C3)


“Fabrik has been such a source of joy and energy - both for my community building efforts and my personal headspace. It’s been incredible to open up new avenues for collaboration with other community builders, and have a dedicated space to gather my own community members.”

Ruthie Berber, Led by Community, Women in Innovation, Old Girls Club


“Walking into a vibrant space with SO MANY connectors gave me energy and encouragement that I haven’t felt in a very long time. This is a crew that genuinely wants to be there to just connect and support. I love being part of a space where COMMUNITY is literally everything.”

Larisa Courtien


“I can attest to the energy and inspiration that flows through the space. If you're a community builder or just community curious, I highly recommend checking out Fabrik.”

Madeline Milne, Community Pros of London


“Fabrik's activation of their space with us at Gilray House, alongside the working partnership formed, has allowed us to continue to present the space in a different way to the market, whilst also generating additional revenue through Fabrik during the space's downtime.”

Catherine Le Druillenec, VP, GM – Knotel Offices, Europe

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